About us
Always correct, always on your side

You require technical know-how on up-to-date level?
Also superior knowledge of the telecommunications market?
And you want to have always total control of your costs?
Then we fit together perfectly.
Because - we combine many years of experience, continuous innovation, sophisticated structures and offer a high degree of flexibility with what really matters:

Our customers financial advantage!

We know that only when our customers get the best phone services offer, we maintain our excellent reputation in this business.



Best Rates to over 200 Countries Starting as low as 1 Euro Cent per minute !!

POWERCENT.COM is the smart way to make low-cost international calls on your mobile phone.

It’s as simple as that.
What makes us different?

No-one else is offering a system like ours,

that requires no downloads, no contracts, no new equipment.

Just your usual mobile phone as it is today.

We believe in being up-front and honest about our offering

There are no hidden clauses, small print, secret charges or nasty surprises in what we offer.

We believe our service is the future of international calls from mobiles.

It’s easy, it’s effective, and above all it offers serious savings for ordinary people.

The best way to appreciate POWERCENT.COM is to give it a try.


Our customers receive all the assistance needed to fully appreciate and utilise our services. Should our support on rare occasions be offline, please use our contact form, thank you.