Rates Local rates for global calls !!
Any phone or carrier.
POWERCENT.COM is giving you the best rates to over 200 countries. Starting as low as 1 Euro Cent per minute !!

Please note: This is the charge for the international part of the call. You will also pay your mobile operator's local rate per minute or flat.



Best Rates to over 200 Countries Starting as low as 1 Cent per Minute

All rates apply per minute in designated countries incl. taxes and do not change at any time of day or week. Any connection will be charged from the first minute plus non recurring five cents per call for dial-up. Up-to-date detailed billing is available from your POWERCENT.COM Management Console.

Our customers receive all the assistance needed to fully appreciate and utilise our services. Should our support on rare occasions be offline, please use our contact form, thank you.